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Security Daemons is an organization at DePaul University for all undergraduate & graduate students that are interested in Computer, Information, and Network Security. We encourage anyone who is interested in this space to attend our meetings, join our team, and participate by getting involved in different projects and competing in the competitions we participate in.

Members who actively participate and join the organization can expect to:

  • learn from experienced professionals that are invited to give talks to our university community
  • participate in projects that strengthen your skills in your area of interest
  • collaborate with other members to learn something new or solve a problem
  • compete in cyber security competitions as a team
  • attend cybersecurity conferences & meetups with the team


For the academic year 2017-18, we plan on meeting twice a week on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 06:00PM to 07:00PM.

On Tuesdays, we plan on having speaker talks conducted by DePaul alumni, industry professionals, and board members.

On Thursdays, we hope to be more collaborative by conducting workshops, discussing InfoSec issues from the past week, and working on personal projects.

You can find the latest information on our meeting schedule here.

YouTube Speaker Talks

When we have guest speakers, we try to record as many of them as possible. Please visit our YouTube channel for the latest speaker recordings. Here's a list of all of our recorded talks so far:

Project AVATAR: Building a Lab in Your Own Image by Tony Robinson

Bug Bounties and the OWASP Top 10 by Justice Cassel

Telling HR You're a Hacker by Lesley Carhart

Basics of Java Reverse Engineering by Michael Vieth

No Please, After You: Detecting Fraud in Affiliate Marketing Networks by Peter Snyder

The Enterprise's New Clothes Fashionable IR Techniques by Jay Taylor & James Espinosa

Purple PowerShell by Ben Ten

Advanced Hunting and Content Development by Mark Orlando

DNS Operational Realities by John Kristoff

2015 SecDaemons Security Panel


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