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InfoSec Conferences

As a club, we encourage participating members to attend different conferences as a team. This page lists the popular conferences that SecDaemons attend almost every year.

Be sure to check out our calendar often for the latest on ticket sales and other related info.


BSides is a ring of independent conferences that are organized and hosted by passionate members of the InfoSec community all around the world. BSidesChicago is typically a 1-day event consisting of different tracks for talks and some training. Before 2017, the conference was held the day after ThotCon for free. In 2017, following a new volunteer taking the lead on organizing the event, BSidesChicago was held during the summer in downtown Chicago as a 1 day event. Even though it might cost $10-20 for a ticket, this is a great starter event for new members of SecDaemons.

More information can be found on the official website.


ThotCon is the primary hacking conference based in Chicago. The conference provides an opportunity to network with local cybersecurity professionals, attend multiple tracks of talks, lock-pick, and an after party. Students are able to get student tickets for $69 assuming availability. All members of Security Daemons are encouraged to attend ThotCon in early May.

More information can be found on the official website.


ShmooCon is another popular InfoSec conference hosted in DC sometime in mid-January every year. If you are a student, it is the next step to take because of the Shmooze-A-Student program. As a student, if you apply and get accepted into Shmooze-A-Student, you get a free ticket to the conference and $200 in cash on the first day. You are able to use the $200 to offset your traveling or hotel costs. This is an incredible opportunity to take advantage of because the regular tickets to ShmooCon sell out in seconds and costs $150.

More information can be found on the official website.


DerbyCon is up there as one of the more popular InfoSec conferences other than BlackHat & Defcon. It's held in Louisville, Kentucky sometime in September. The conference is organized by Dave Kennedy and is known for being a small conference compared to BlackHat/Defcon. Because of the small attendee capacity, tickets are harder to get and in 2017, they were sold out in seconds. One trick to beware of is that the DerbyCon team usually has a tradition of opening the tickets for sale ahead of the promised time. To take advantage of this, it's best to enable notifications on your phone whenever the DerbyCon Twitter account tweets.

Tickets usually go for $175 and there are no student discounts. Members and alumni who attend this conference usually drive to this conference and back as a group. Even though this conference is more on the expensive side, it is still completely worth it if you are able to get the tickets.

More information can be found on the official website.

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