Security Daemons
Information Security Club - DePaul University - Chicago


Security Daemons is an organization for all undergraduate/graduate students interested in Computer, Information, and Network Security. Membership is comprised of students that are interested in all aspects of security from a wide range of degree programs and disciplines. Including:

- Information Assurance and Security Engineering
- Networking and Network Security
- Computer Science
- Web Development
- Governance, Risk, and Compliance
- Anyone interested in general IT Security

As an organization, the Security Daemons host numerous events throughout the year including presentations by current members, alumni, and industry professionals. Additionally, as an organization we provide a chance for students and organization members throughout DePaul to meet one on one with perspective employers. Furthermore, members interested in competing will travel to and compete in numerous competitions throughout the calender year to learn new skills, gain real world experience, and to have fun. Our meetings, website, and social media are for sharing information on security topics, news, classes, internships, jobs, and networking opportunities within DePaul and in the Chicagoland area.